Every fire. Everywhere.

Get to smokeless faster.

Reduced time to secondary combustion in a smokeless fireplace by 75%

Infinitely reusable

Made from 16 gauge 304 stainless steel this fire starter is ready to duty fire after fire.

Clean burning

Operating on just rubbing alcohol, or your favorite alcohol fuel, this is

Tri-wing lifted design

With three points of contact Spark stays stable and is easy to level. Lifted design helps facilitate air flow underneath the fire, encouraging the most powerful fire possible!

Set at the base of your fire

With just three points of contact Spark is simple to level and is designed to be stable on any surfaces you would build a fire on.

Fill with alcohol fuel

Made of 304 stainless steel, Spark can take the heat! Careful not to overfill it, just add your most convenient alcohol fuel (we recommend rubbing alcohol).

Add wood

Carefully place wood on top of and around Spark, trying not to spill any fuel. Around here we log-cabin our fires...even though our logo supports a teepee!

Give it a light!

Using a long handled lighter, reach between the logs and give it a light! Be aware fuel vapor lights before liquid so it might light before the flame reaches fuel. NEVER add fuel once the fire is lit.